SALARY : R107 886 per annum (Level 03)
CENTRE Various school hostels in province:
Buffalo City District (Bylletts School) REF NO: DOE 68/03/2018 (1 Post)
OR Tambo Inland District (Shawbury School) REF NO: DOE 69/03/2018 (1 Post)
OR Tambo Inland District (Shawbury School) REF NO: DOE 69/03/2018 (1 Post)
Chris Hani West District (Freemantle School) REF NO: DOE 70/03/2018 (2 Posts)
Sarah Baartman District (Willowmore Sss School) REF NO: DOE 71/03/2018 (1
REQUIREMENTS : A minimum of Grade 10/Std 8. Good communication skills, good customer care.
An understanding of Public Service principles. Have the ability to do the right thing
all the time. Choose to make a difference. Acknowledge and accept of
responsibility. Promote welfare of learners and motivate learners to build selfesteem.

DUTIES : Has a responsibility to identify officers /employees, learners and visitors. Draw up
menu under the guidance of the School Management Team. Patrol school
grounds, buildings and fenced off areas. Escort visitors in the premises where
necessary. Ensure that facilities, premises vehicles learners and staff are safe.
Assist in the implementation of school safety policy. Apply basic communication
skills in interacting with the children. Keep the necessary visitors register. Issue
admission control cards to visitors and receive them back. Good communication
skills and Good Customer Care. Open gates on arrival and departure of visitors at
the Institution. Check supplies, articles and objects where necessary before
allowing visitors in. Have patience and willingness to support learners
unconditionally Promote and uphold the rights of children Report on breakages,
theft and damages to school property to the Principal /School Management Team
ENQUIRIES : Enquiries can be directed to Mrs. NT Sipahlanga (040-6084064) / Mr. TK. Dimbaza

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GOVERNMENT JOBS TIPS IF YOU ARE APPLYING FOR A GOVERNMENT JOB (common information) NOTE : Applications must be submitted on with a Z83 form obtainable from any Public Service Department or on the internet . The completed and signed form Z83 should be accompanied by a recently updated, comprehensive CV as well as recently certified copies of all qualification(s) and ID-document [Driver’s license where applicable]. Non-RSA Citizens/Permanent Resident Permit Holders must attach a copy of their Permanent Residence Permits to their applications. Should you be in possession of a foreign qualification, it must be accompanied by an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). Applicants who do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements, as well as applications received late, will not be considered . -
WHAT IS A LEARNERSHIP ? Hi guys , today i have decided to write this article just to let you know what is meant by a learnership and the differents among other related terms (like , Internship , Bursary and Scholarship ) Question 1: What is a Learnership ? Answer : Learneship is an intake programme in which a learners is given a chance to learner a specific job theoretical and practical (via training provided by the learnership provider) . A learner must gain work experience in order to obtain a registered qualification (specifically for that job). Note :learnership combines theory and workplace practice into a qualification that is registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). If you are looking for a learnership , go to the internet cafe (or use your mobile phone if it is advance) and click this link :
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